ProjectVolunteering is a framework for social profit projects.
    The main focus is on people and the method is action research. That means that we try to live and let others know about what and how we do it.
     The values that unite us have to do with abstract principles of being together and with specific actions. For example we treat mistakes/failure/errors as a part of the normal development. As a group we try to escape the vicious circle of errors by documenting what we do. That is not to say that documenting is enough but it is crucial for us and others to grow.
     The projects range from creating a traveler's house in Berlin, to developing online collaboration methods for volunteers, try to persuade NGOs to document their projects thoroughly and publicly, etc.
     All this projects put a stress on quality of the methods. This means that we accept that the targets are so big and important that are always shifting so we cannot have a general (in time and space) success model for what we want to do. Instead we suggest that moving one step at a time and reflecting continuously is more profitable for the whole endeavor.


pomegranate - A learning place.


Alternative Living -
Many lifes

Sustainable Living - Ethical and sustainable living in small urban communities
Documenting Projects - Doing the good? Document to multiply as other pick it up.
Gratuitous Kindness - Stories about nice people
IT Volunteers - Do you have IT knowledge and would like to give  a hand!?

Permanent Hospitality Berlin - the Berlin HausProject
           a physical space for our projects
Murrayburn CS Flat - A small Hospitality Exchange and involvment hub in Edinburgh, Scotland

Suggest a project you want to work on!!! There might be a community who will help you. Test your ideas.